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Workout Motivation

Workout Motivation is a tricky topic

everyone thinks they need some level of workout motivation to complete a fitness program like P90x2 or Asylum. The Truth is you don’t need any level of motivation to finish, just a little to start. What if i told you i know the secret to getting that workout motivation you need?

Step1: Understanding Workout Motivation

Lets Start here., to understand your Workout Motivation you need to get a few things out of the way., They are called excuses .  Every single time you think about doing a workout dvd or going to the gym you will find a million excuses not to do it. To get past that lets look at the why not’s.

Why not skip an hour of TV tonight?
why not feel better about my self?
why not get stronger?
why not live longer?
why not look good naked?

Step2: A realization about Workout Motivation

If you agreed with all or some of step 1 you already have enough of a reason to workout. You hear people talk about finding your why. Finding the reason you NEED to accomplish something. When it comes to Workout Motivation your why doesn’t have to be epic. It can be as simple as just wanting to look good naked.

The Universal Truth of All Motivation

Universal Truth of Workout Motivation

I’m not going to tell you to run to the gym and get a personal trainer so they can keep you motivated . They can’t keep you motivated, no one can, and you don’t actually need someone to. Profession athletes aren’t always motivated, neither are the fitness stars you see on TV.  The universal truth of it all is, we are all humans. You don’t actually need anything to get started but the desire to be something greater than the sum of your parts. Ready to get started? Ready to break the shackles that have held you in place for so long? I would be glad to work with you throughout your transformation help you build a foundation for your workout motivation. Make me your coach and together we will find your why.

In the mean time stay positive keep working on your motivation and enjoy the video about the greatness of being human

Please tell me about your Workout Motivation below

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  1. My motivation is to rise above the mediocre and stand out!

    I want my children to be proud of me.

    I was tinkering on the edge of the bottomless pit of mediocrity, and i fought back.

    I am 53 and workout like my life depends upon it!

    Every day you have to say to yourself that there is no other option, because everything else is mediocrity.

    • That is awesome steve! It astounds me sometime when i think of where we were and how far we have come. Most people think there lives are over once they pass over the 30 mark, many just plain give up when they pass 50. Your determination to continue living your life for yourself and your kids is the stuff of legend brother keep it up!

  2. I just wanna say that your post is just GREAT thank you!
    I copied/paste them

    I feel so bad, Since September 2011 I decided to Start the P90X and even put plans to be done with p90x and finish the 90 days and start the all new p90X2! 🙁

    I kept on disconnecting after a week or two each time and take a break and do it all over again till now! we are now January -13!

    and I am still on p90x haven’t finished the first round yet, I feel so bad! I am not so fat though! I am 189 CM and 87 kgs.

    I just wish to lose the baby fat I have and start having six pack, bi and triceps!

    and I wish to finish the whole round and do the p90x2!

    I am starting tomorrow ! (14-1-2012)
    I wish to stick with it man, I am really tired!
    the big plan is how to find alternate diet plan for the p90x ! I cant stick to the one in the book! It’s a bit pricey and at home they make a meal for all the family!

    I wish to find cheaper alternate diet plan!

    one question though!

    When is the best time to do the p90x workout?

    Thank you !

    • The best time is really what ever works for you. Morning noon or night as long as you get your workout in you will get results. What kind of diet are you eating now? I would love to help you with one that fits your budget. shoot me an email ( or message me on facebook,( in the mean time good luck 😀

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