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Work Hard , Play Hard

One of the keys to having the life we all want is to put in work.
Doesn’t matter if its your relationship, your career ,your fitness routine. If you want it to go the distance YOU are going to have to work hard. Everyday something new will challenge you and thats ok. Through struggle you gain wisdom, through adversity you gain strength. The ability to adapt is the one super power we all share. In truth its the only superpower we need. Your body will adapt to your workouts and get stronger. Your mind will adapt to your career and you will get faster. Your heart will adapt to your relationship and you will get closer. When you put in the work and the time , nothing is impossible.

Life isn’t only about working hard, its about playing hard. You will never thrill people with stories of your 12 hour shifts at a dead end  job 10 years ago. Tell them about your trip to the caymens and they will listen to every word.  We work hard so that when the time comes we have earned the right to go hard and give our selves to the moment. A wise man once said “Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it” , if you want to lose 100lbs, gaing 50lbs of muscle, be a rockstar beachbody coach, retire to a beach in the Caribbean then LETS DO IT.
year of the superhero It is our time to shine. This is the year of the superhero. Together We have worked hard and will continue to work every single day but the time to play is coming. “Every man dies, Not every man really lives”, is as true a statement as any. Our time on this planet maybe finite, but we have the opportunity to leave our mark with every breath. You only live once so make sure you actually live.

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