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Why do P90x?

Why do P90x? Why not just hit the gym?

I hear this all the time. its a good question why pay for some DVD workout when you already have a gym membership you don’t use?

Cause you don’t use it and chances are you werent getting the results when you were going. I lost over 100lbs with Power90 and P90x. I have watched count less friends and customers get similar results with p90x. All they did was commit to 90 days of life changing workouts.  look at any of the success stories on this page or on youtube and you know it works. Here is a video of my friend richard neal, who can say that not only did p90x change his life it very well may have have saved it. Going from 426lbs to 184 in just 18 months , there can be no doubt this programs works

ok ok but why? what makes P90x soo much better than going to a gym?

  • You don’t have to drive anywhere
  • The workouts are all laid out for you
  • a Proven system with results
  • you don’t have to pay for it every month
  • It can be modified no matter what your starting point
  • it comes with a free coach
  • you can win money
  • you can get your picture in an infomercial

I could keep going but i think you get the point. The most popular workout program of the last decade has been P90x. no of the other program has even come close. Not even Beachbody (the makers of p90x) have managed to produce a program that can truely match the X pound for pound when it comes to results. look i won’t tell you to try something if i don’t believe in it 100%. P90x works all you have to do is give it an honest 90 days and it will change your life and opinion of home workouts. If you are ready to give P90x a try shoot me an email  or click the picture below


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