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Why Do It For Free?

Why do Super Heroes save people for free?

You ever ask that question? Seriously why do they not charge a fee for their services? we could at any moment arrest them and make them pay for property damage. Look at Hancock and Spider-man both have been charged and jailed for the damages they caused in various battles. They have to spend a fortune on suit repair.

one could say they are secure enough in thier day jobs and life that money is no isses but in ones case he is practicly homeless. So the question still presses forward why do superheroes save people for free? My guess would be the same reason beachbody coaches offer free coaching and tips.

They want to change the world.

uncle ben said with great power comes great responsibility.  he was right, it is the job of every super powered human to protect the normal people of the world. Just as it is the job of every coach to educate and help the normal people of the world. They have the ability to change the outcome of the events happening in front of them why would they stand by and watch?

Hancock burning buildingFitness is not something we are really taught in school. There is gym and health class ,but what if I told you in high school you could have a six pack in 90 days or less? You would have done anything I told you. What is so different now?


you have a job , kid , a dog, a hobby ect that takes all of your time right?  look im gonna give this to you straight, would Hancock fly away and leave you in a burning building if you told him you’re too busy to be rescued? NO

You are not too busy to workout and make changes in your life. I have a free workout available for people that want something but don’t have the money, We have a program for people that only have 10 mins a day to workout, what ever your excuse is I have an answer for it. In the end its up to you.

Unlike Hancock i can’t pull you out of the burning building that is your current health situation. You have to be ready and willing to make a change.

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