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why are you holding back

Why are you holding back?
What is keeping you from unleashing your full might on the world around you?
What makes you hesitate to take the next step and become truly happy in your life?

I can tell you, for me it was the man looking at me every morning in the mirror.He was content to let me make excuses and find reasons not to be something great, not to be really happy.My life was spiraling out of control and on a path of self destruction. a man by the name of Carl Diakler unknowingly set in motion events that would save my life and countless others. His vision of and foresight created the company i now work with… Beachbody

Its not about selling copies of p90x or pushing shakeology. Its not about driving a BMW or how many celebrities we can say use our products. It is about altering your personal destiny and changing the lives of those around you forever. Had I not ordered that workout dvd, the odds are great i would be a 300lb diabetic with no direction. I would have lost my brother to high blood pressure 4 years ago, and i would not have been able to pay it forward again and again.

This is another opportunity for me to pay it forward by helping you realize your potential.  Maybe you don’t need fitness help. Maybe you are a bodybuilder who can walk on stage tomorrow , maybe you aren’t. Either way If there is even a question about the direction in your life  maybe its time to make a change. I want to personally help at least 200 people breakthrough their self imposed limitations. Stop holding back contact me and together we will change your destiny.


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