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When should you modify a workout?

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Many of the workout programs you see with Beachbody have a low impact modifier,but when should you Modify?  I was doing my First Day of FocusT25 and realized about half way through i was doing some of the modified movements and i didn’t need to0. I still had energy to push forward with the regular moves but for whatever reason i had decided to be comfortable and enjoy the workout. That was when i quickly adjusted my attitude and when for it pushing myself till i couldn’t push any further. Then i asked my self the question When Should you modify?

when should you modify

Quick Answer – Whenever you have to…

The goal of a workout is not to be easy but to get results. Many times the modified movement is a little easier, and even though it hits the same muscle group it won’t be nearly as effective. If you can complete the regular movement, then DON”T MODIFY! stay outside your comfort zone.  Growth , Success, Magic, these things exist outside of that zone.  However there are times when you need to modify and here are just a few.

When should you Modify?

  • When you physically can’t do the current move

    • we are all built differently. if a move is out of your skill level modify till you can do it
    • Both movements will work chose the one you feel you can complete without injury
    • if you are injured , don’t skip the workout, modify your way through what you can.
    • If you lack the space or  don’t want to disturb anyone.  you can modify to reduce noise
  • When you have done the regular move to exhaustion 

    • Push till you can’t push any farther then modify to get a few extra reps in
    • Go till you feel your form is starting to go then modify to protect from injury
    • when you switch keep the intensity that got you to exhaustion
  • When the alternate is less stress on a weak area

    • you know your body. if you have weak points modify so you don’t injure your self.
    • If your joints ache , try the modifier so you can finish the routine with max out put.

Which programs don’t have a modifier?
Insanity and Insanity Asylum are the only ones with no modified movements available.


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