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Don’t Get It Twisted

It often gets confused in business who is doing what for whom. When your boss gives you a raise is it for how great you are? or is it to not worry about replacing you?  When Charles Xavier started the Xavier school for the gifted,was it to help mutants realize their true destiny and control their powers? or was it a way for him to control the destiny of mutants? Tricky subject right? In every transaction there is someone that needs something and someone that wants something.

Those mutants wanted be normal ,but needed to learn how to control their powers.
Charles Xavier needed to help his kind, but wanted them to do it his way.

Let me direct this more to the point.

Do you need to lose weight?
Do you need a second income?
Do you need the support of others?
Do you need help to realize your destiny?

Look let me be very honest with you.
I do not need you to buy, sell , use, consume or recommend a single thing. My business will continue with out you , my personal health and fitness will continue with out you, the growth of my team will continue with out you. So Don’t get it twisted; I don’t need you to join me.
I want you to join my team.

I want you to, get healthy, have fun, meet people and make some money doing it. Forget about yesterdays mistakes and last years failures. none of that matters… focus on you and your future. I want you to look back a year from now to see the changes that have taken place and say “that was the best thing that ever happened to me”.

In the end its not about what i want…. its about what you need.
That’s what it came down to for the First Class of X-men.
They needed a mentor to guide them on their journey.
They needed others who could understand their pain.
They need the answers to their questions.

Those are the things Xavier offered them.
Those are the things I offer you today.

If your interested in talking about my offer, email me, we can set up a phone call


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