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Personal Review of P90X2
(X2 is an amazing program. I had the chance to do a few of the routines Including X2 Yoga with Tony Horton in a live workout while i was in LA. It is hands down the most technical program ever put on a DVD or Blu-Ray.  Is it harder than P90x? No it is not harder but very different. Hitting muscles you don’t use that often it is targeted at making you feel like a kid again. You know when athletic activities were fun not a chore you had to get done. I personally believe it will be the program most used to go from ordinary to extraordinary this year.) – Romall Smith

“X2 BASE INCLUDES 15 DVDs or 4 Blu-ray™ Discs Fitness Guide Nutrition Guide 90-day Workout Calendar”

“P90X2 DELUXE INCLUDES EVERYTHING IN X2 BASE, PLUS:2 bonus advanced workouts 1 Foam Roller 1 55cm PREMIUM Stability Ball 2 8-lb. Medicine Balls”

“P90X2 ULTIMATE INCLUDES EVERYTHING IN X2 BASE, PLUS: 2 bonus advanced workouts 1 PRO-GRADE Foam Roller 1 55cm PREMIUM Stability Ball 2 8-lb. Medicine Balls Tony Horton’s PowerStands®

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Ultimate 329.55

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P90x2: Muscle Confusion

expanding on the revolutionary concept of muscle confusion used in the original p90x, p90x2 has 3 very different phases.

  • Phase 1: Foundation – “you can’t fire a cannon from a canoe”
  • Phase 2: Strength – Most of your body composition changes (lose weight, gain muscle) will happen here
  • Phase 3: Performance – You will jump higher, run faster and move like never before


 Click an image to see a short preview of the workouts

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P90x2 workout d descriptions

How to Bring IT Again (introductory session)

  • X2 Core – This is a new version of Core Synergistics.  Total body workout with balance and stability focus.
  • Plyocide – Plyometrics + Lateral movements
  • X2 Recovery + Mobility – Foam rolling and stretching.
  • X2 Yoga – 60 mins this time.  Emphasis on the moving.
  • X2 Total Body – Total body workout that it’s up every single body part.  You will do a little bit of everything in this one.
  • Balance + Power – This combines balance move with strength moves, very tough.
  • Chest, Back, and Balance – Push and Pull workout.  New Pull up moves and push ups on med balls…fun!
  • X2 Shoulders and Arms – rand new moves to take your shoulders and arm workout to the next level.
  • Base and Back – Combines Plyometric leg exercises with Pull ups.  2 of the largest muscle groups in your body.
  • PAP Lower – The new scientific sports training designed to focus on performance. Strength moves followed by explosive movements
  • PAP upper – Same as PAP Lower, just for the upper body.
  • X2 Ab Ripper – New Ab Routine, you’ll hate it, but you’ll love it.
  • V Scuplt* – Back/Biceps taken to the next level.  Pull ups an  Bicep moves that will challenge every bit of your fitness.
  • X2 Chest, Shoulders, Tri* – All push workout.  New exercises for new muscle confusion.

*These workouts will only be included in the Deluxe and Ultimate kits, not in the base kit, but will be available for individual purchase

The New Nutrition guide included features 27 different diets. Covering everything from Vegan, Gluten free,Paleo and the standard 50/30/20.  The workout sheets are included but can also be downloaded on this page

Click Here for Workout Sheets


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