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MasterShake: Shakeology is it worth it?

Alright im going to break frame for a little bit.

I stand by the fact i will NEVER recommend a product i don’t use or don’t belive in. I often recommend Shakeology to my family, friends,customers and clients because it works. Not because i want to make a sale, not because someone told me to go out and push shakeology.I have seen it do extraordinary things from regrow hair and build muscle to cure a narcoleptic and cut fat off overnight.

I truly believe if you could only have one supplement to help on your journey it wouldn’t be a fat burner, a tub of whey protein or the latest and greatest Nitric Oxide , it would be a bag of shakeology.

More often than not the price is the only thing that makes people pause.
“$120 nah im alright i have a protein shake that cost me 60 and works just fine”
Its NOT about the protein, if that’s all Shakeology were I would buy a cheap tub of
whey protein from Walmart instead. There are prebiotics, probiotics,amino acids,
roots, superfoods and so much more. Here let me break it down for you if you drink 1
shake a day its around $4 a day.

That’s $4 you could spend on the following instead

Trust me you won’t get the same value spending four dollars on those items that you will on Shakeology. I am not expert and won’t pretend to be if you have questions about whats in shakeology and what can it do for you go HERE.

Those of you that already know about it but were on the fence, letting cost stand in the way of a better you, well now is the time to change that and transform your health.

If you want to try Shakeology, and are SERIOUS about purchasing some for yourself if you like the taste, I will send you a free Shakeology sample  ONLY if I’m your coach. If I’m not your coach and you want to make me your coach, click here.  Also, please make sure you’re serious about purchasing because it does cost me about $6 per sample to send out. If I’m already your coach, send me an email with your name and address to

If you would like to purchase Shakeology now, click below!



  1. Well played. Shakeology IS more than a protein powder– it’s a 3-in-1– far more comprehensive than a tub of “is it or isn’t it high quality” whey with a few metals and vitamins thrown in where you have to add a carb to even tak it to “meal” level. Shakeology is a hyper-charged multi-vitamin, a protein supplement (using the HIGHEST quality whey available) and a Meal Replacement. And it comes out sixes or LESS compared to almost any other meal you’d eat in its place. Shakeology wins virtually every time.

  2. As always right to the point Romall. Shakology works. it works for me and It can work for anybody that wants to take control of their health.

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