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The soundtrack to life

What is the soundtrack to life?

The soundtrack to life is what we want it to be.  It can be an album full of rockin ballads or a CD of sad show tunes.  Its that collection of songs you heard at a concert or during a movie once that has shaped who you are, and who you want to be.  Its a song playing on repeat when it’s your turn to take the plunge, jump or whatever is on tap for today. When I started training to get in shape for the Air Force, I woke up every morning at 5am to the rocky theme song.  If I wanted to be a contender I need to hear that song. It fired me up. That song combined with P90X and a desire to be the best is THE formula for my success. I trained hard to pass the Airforce reserve officer training physical fitness test. I was the underdog in a fight for my own future. Those 6 months of training the rocky theme song was not just a soundtrack to life, it was MY soundtrack to life. It helped to set in motion changes in my life that would still ripple 6 years later as a beachbody coach…

soundtrack to life

We are not created equal, we are not all cut from the same mold. Each and everyone of us will experience a different feeling from the same experience. That doesn’t matter, what does matter is we ALL FEEL SOMETHING. Maybe you heart flutters with excitement of whats to come, maybe you smile quietly at what is happening now, maybe you are saddened by what could have been. Your life is unique. Your music is unique. what drives you and changes you is unique.

The soundtrack to life is unique

You can select the song that wakes you up in the morning. You can pick the song that plays at your wedding. You might even chose the song that plays at your funeral. Truth is it doesn’t mater how epic your life really is if you can’t hear your own music. Why not chose the songs that shape who you are going to be. We have the power to be anyone and do anything. Life is a beautiful thing when you live it. When you take your shot at being greater than yesterday. When you open your eyes what is in front of you . Life is what you chose it to be, it is not a paint by numbers picture but an empty canvas waiting for you to paint Your masterpiece.

soundtrack to life

Your soundtrack to life can change everything.

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