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Slight Edge: kill or be killed

Living on the Slight Edge of Madness

We work toward our goals or away from them, its known as the slight edge. There is no other way to look at it.  Every day we are given the opportunity to turn things around and head in the opposite direction.  Rarely do we ever take those opportunities, instead choosing to travel in the path of leaste resistance…lazyness.

According to the slight edge If you had made every right choice throughout your life you would have millions in the bank, the career of your dreams, and the body of a Greek god. Reality is you have spent much of your life hurting yourself. Not working out week after week, not showing any desire to advance , and blowing our money are just some of the things slowing you down.

Slight Edge or Fate?

Guess the questions is how do you change that? how do you get the slight edge to work for you and head in the direction of your destiny? It starts by making the slightest change. The small changes in life will compound creating a snowball of success.  remember motivation is what you use to get started, habit is what you use to keep going.

slight edge

Are you the hunter or the hunted?
Life only gives you those two choices.
Im only going to give you one

Become the Hunter: follow these steps

  1. Make me your life coach:
    send your goals to  Subject: Life Coach
  2. Show up early for work see how long you can go before you mess up.
  3. Start a new workout like p90x2 or Revabs, push play everyday for a month.
  4. Have the bank transfer 5% of your paycheck to a savings account

Ask me how to control the slight edge

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