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Take Your Best Shot!

Featured Image by: Alexgarner

Green Arrow doesn’t have x-ray vision, invulnerability or any kind of real super power.
He is simply good at what he does… Take shots.

Thats what its really all about, taking your best shots. If you were in the NBA finals,
half a second to go and you have the ball, you take that shot. Miss and everyone
knows you tried. Don’t take the shot and everyone will question you. However you
take that shot and sink a 3 point from across the court and … well…
that’s what we call a highlight reel.

Let me put it another way,

Thats what its really all about, taking your best shots. If the Justice League are in a battle
to save the city, and Superman yells to Green Arrow “You have to take the shot,
hit that button with an arrow. Think he is going to say “nah i’m good” ,
NO he is going to take aim, draw back an arrow and let it rip.

Only 3 Outcomes
He misses, the city suffers but everyone knows he did his best
He Hits, The city is saved and he has his 15 minutes of fame
He doesn’t take the shot, everyone blames him for the destruction of the city

That is how things work in life ,fitness and how they work in your business.
It always comes down to 3 outcomes.
you fail with no regrets, you fail with total regret or you succeed.

I will leave you with this-
Chances are you have had many oppourtunities, both in your personal life and
your professional life, that you regret not taking a shot at. Chances are you will
have other shots, but will they be championship,city saving ,life changing shots?
Who knows,only question that matters is will you take those shots?

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  1. Well said. I had a friend who;s saying was “You always have two outcomes– the one you know will happen and the other where anything could happen.” I like the second option best.

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