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Fitness Review- Sports Research Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer

I love to try new things when it comes to health and fitness. One of the benefits of attending the Arnold Classic Expo every year is you meet some great people and learn about companies you may have never heard of before. Sports Research was one of those companies for me.

Their flag-ship product is something called Sweet Sweat. Talking with Vice President Jeff Pedersen and his family I quickly learned  that sweet sweat wasn’t a new product but one used by everything from fighters,to actors to stay lean and mean. Watching the live demo of Sweet Sweat , I thought ” ok he is dripping but it has to be that stuff melting”. Then Came the IR camera , again ” He is heating up the goo of course it looks like it’s getting hot. There is not way that stuff is actually making the fatty areas hotter”. Curious as always and trusting my new friend Jeff, I grabbed a few Jars and decided to give it a shot.

Lets examine the claims first

Does Sweet Sweat actually work? – read my experience below

I took home the jar , applied it to my core area and started  Les Mills Combat.  About 20 minutes in, where i am usually just starting to get a good sweat on, I was drenched.  You would have thought i just stepped out of the pool. I completed the workout (60 mins or so)  and could feel the heat coming off my lower back where i had applied Sweet Sweat.  The Kicker – one month in I noticed a reduction in my stretch marks / loose skin on my stomach. Since that first trial run I have used it with Insanity, P90x2,Insanity the Asylum, FocusT25 and Running.

All in all i am a fan of the product. It goes on pretty easy and does what they say it does. The only problem i have found with it so far is you have to kinda feel your way through what the right amount is for your needs. An XL jar can last me 3 – 6 months depending on how often i Train. Cardio days I apply pretty much every where, strength days I apply it to the muscle group I am working on.

If you are looking to get a jar for your self,
check out or

Rmall Smith Sweet SweatHere is a list of things I use  Sweet Sweat for:

  • Loosen up
    I apply it to my hamstrings and tight areas before I workout.The increased circulation helps me feel looser quicker 
  • Increase my endurance
    When I run , i apply it to my legs especially my quads.It takes longer for me to really feel the lactic acid build up
  • Boost Strength
    huh?! yes i said boost strength. It may be a placebo but i feel as though I can lift more , cause of the increased circulation
  • Decrease smell
    Sweet sweat has a great smell and it will keep you from smelling like you just worked out even though you are drenched in sweat
  • Stretch marks
    Sweet sweat  helps to reduce the water in the areas you apply it. which helped to tighten my stretch marks after using it for a while

Hope you found this review of  Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer helpful.

If you did please share or comment below!

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