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Protein Review – ALR Industries HumaPro

Humapro protein for humans?

Ok so when i first heard about this stuff i had to have some. 15 calories for 28 grams of protein? yes please. I have used Humapro two times in the past.I decided to go with it as my primary protein for Superhero Ripped transformation.

The concept with ALR Industries humapro is not a new one. Its a protein that is 99 percent bio-available. Which means you take in 100 grams worth you get 99 grams of protein utilized to muscle tissues. Some say whey, soy and rice protein are only 60 percent bio-available if high grade. Much of the cheaper proteins are far from high grade. Why not just eat meat or beans for protein  The argument there is that meat, legumes or anything you eat with protein in it will lose much of its content by the time it digest.

OK now that you have the basis of ALR Industries marketing for Humapro the question you have is…


Does Humapro work?

Simple answer – i think so

lol what?! you think so. yes i think so. I know that when i used it over the GNC or ON protein i had been using i lost body fat and gained muscle rapidly the only change was my protein. The second time i tried humapro was during my shakeology transformation last year. I slacked on my training reducing my cardio and lifting days to 2 or 3 days a week. The combination let me drop almost 20 pounds and increase my lean mass by quite a bit.

How does it mix? It doesn’t shake as much as you want it won’t fully mix.

How does it taste? well not bad.  I have had the apple cider and the orange.  the cider taste great and you can drink it. The orange, i mix in a shot glass so i can get it down as fast as possiable

My Top 5 Protein Powders

(you can find them on , i’ll try to do full reviews on each when i get the time)

  1. Magnum Nutraceuticals – Quattro <—-  Best overall mix of taste and effectiveness
  2. ALR Industries – HumaPro <— you can feel and see the difference
  3. LG Science  – Lipotropic Protein <—Worst tasting but effective
  4. Metabolic nutrition – Protizyme <—Best Tasting have only had samples
  5. Prosource – Vectron <— Interesting Idea, usually mix it with Shakeology

Hope you found this review of Humapro helpful.

If you did please share or comment below!

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