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Project Glass: Augmented-Reality

One of the coolest things about comic books , actually any work of fiction, is their ability to effect reality. Examples can be found in your hand everyday and even in front of you right now. The internet, LCD screens and cell phones were written about in fiction long before they became a reality. In some cases,look up real life tricorder, the fiction promoted the pursuit of a real creation.

I think that may be the case here. Not unlike the Stark Expo2020 StarkHuD, google has begun testing the Augmented-Reality Glasses. These bad boys do everything from patch into your google plus, to give you a personal connection with google maps. The best feature would have to be the live streaming of what you are see to another person maybe even youtube one day.

It would be great for recording those moments you can’t grab a camera. It will keep people from getting lost. One thing that it will do better than our cell phones is help us connect to ,and help people during tragedys like 9-11 and the Japanese Tsunamis. The possibilities are really endless, when you think of what avenues this will open for social media and our already overly connect lives. I for one can’t wait to get a hold of a pair.

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