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Personal Review of Insanity the Asylum:

Insanity: The Asylum

Personal Review of  Insanity the Asylum: its absolutely NUTS, how someone thought giving shaun T a pull up bar was a good idea ill never know. That being said it is one of my favorite workout programs. The music the energy, the total package here will push you to that next level and beyond. Do i recommend this for everyone? no freaking way. It takes a special level of drive and commitment to attempt let alone complete This Program. In truth i would say it is for people who fit at least 1 of the following,

  1. You are a crossfit junky,
  2. you desire to be in the Special Forces,
  3. You think you are an Athlete.

If  you can’t honestly say one of those is you then please go do insanity or P90x, this program is too extreme foryou. However if you do fit one of those types of people and you are ready to step into the Asylum. You can  from me for 89.99  or You can buy it from amazon at the bottom. In the mean time the video below is of Asylum success stories from Team Ripped, enjoy. 

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