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would you pay per pound to lose weight?

How much would you pay per pound to lose weight?

Seems like a silly question but it is one i have begun to ask people. If you could pay $400 to lose 20 lbs and fit in a smaller pair of jeans i bet you would do it. Yet the idea of spending that same money or less on a fitness program and supplementation is a no go. Why? I talk about fitness and diet all the time. There is a solution for every issue. However the best ones aren’t free. They will cost you time / money and require some effort.

my transformation really only took about 6 months. I paid for workout dvds, a club membership and supplements. I probably spent around $1200 and 180 hours or about $10 and 1.5 hour per pound. If you think that is a ton of money and time think about it this way, That is the same as two shows on netflix and a footlong meal from subway for every pound i lost.

You can have your own transformation. Here is how you do that. Change out your current breakfast or lunch for shakeology ,  do a 30 -60 minute workout video instead of watching another episode of your favorite show. Decide what you want to do and Commit to it for the next 90 days and you will succeed and altering the course of your own destiny.

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