Parkour Vision

what you have done is not what you are doing nor is it what you will do. Everyone has big dreams and master plans  in high school but what about 5, 10 , 15 years after you have thrown the cap and gown into storage? You look at industry power houses  like Josh Spencer, Tony Robbins, or even Tim Ferris.  They got where they are today by  constantly moving , changing, adapting to the world around them.

Do you want to lose 100lbs?
Do you want to make a six figure income?
Do you want to flip over cars and run from roof to to roof top?
What are you doing to make that dream, goal a reality?
You have to get started somewhere or you will end up no where.

In the world of free running a Traceur (parkour athlete) develops a Spider-man like sixth sense known as PKV (parkour vision). It lets them see the world not as obstacles  but as opportunities. Once the Traceur knows the destination PKV kicks in allowing them to flow  from point A to B. That vision often bleeds into the rest of life allowing them to quickly adapt to new challenges in there career, relationships, and everyday life.

The same can be said about your business and fitness. know where you want to be and make  every effort to get there. Challenges happen, problems happen, success doesn’t… you have to work for it. It takes time and effort to develop your vision but once you do the world opens up to you. Can you see your next move? Do you have Vision?   I hope so In the mean time enjoy this video and please Google+, Stumble and leave a comment below


  1. Awesome analogy to Parkour. Here’s to everyone flipping the switch from “Everyday” vision to “PKV” and seein obstacles as stepping stones to the ultimate destination.

    In the mean time, when do we get to start seeing your parkour in action? I’m totally looking forward to it.

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