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Parkour: Have no Fear

Parkour like any extreme sport or activity requires not only talent and physical training but also an unshakable will. Doesn’t matter if the rest of the world believes you could fail at any moment. You have to believe  you can’t fail.  DareDevil is known as the man with out fear. The blind superhero relies on his other senses as he jumps from roof top to roof top battling evil villains. That is how you have to handle your self both in parkour and in your every day life.

Not all things are as simple as they look, maybe it looks like you can’t make the jump, or you can’t get that raise or start that new business. Don’t depend on that one sense. Feel your next step, deep down you know if you can make it, no matter what it looks like. Here is an example Asylum and P90x2 look like  impossible workouts, but if you dig deep and go with your gut,you will find they are far from impossible.  You really can do anything, especially if you have a guide  to get you started. If you need a little guidance send me an email

In the mean time the video today shows two young  men who know what they are doing and have no fear. Enjoy and please google+, stumble or leave comments 🙂

Featured Image by: John Aslarona


  1. I’ve seen parkour in more and more movies scenes too. something about missing that building to building leap that makes me want to stick with Insanity:)

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