P90x2 Day6 – X2 Balance + Power

Today was day six of P90x2 – X2 Balance + Power

This one was a little on the weird side. Not bad just weird. The combinations and progression of X2 Balance + Power make you wonder if it will ever end. I would like to think i could have done better but honestly i didn’t have it in me. I spent much of the time watching how to do the moves.  It took me almost an hour and a half without extra foam rolling. It was a good workout however i think it would have been better if i know what the heck i was doing. Maybe its Balance first week power every week after? Really can’t wait to give this another shot next week. Anyway They aren’t glamorous but my numbers are below. Feel free to comment or tell me how well you are doing with these workouts. Also  If you havent yet, feel free to join me on the journey #GetSuperHeroRipped

Day6BB1of2X2 Balance + Power

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