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P90X2 Day1 – X2 Core

Today was day one of P90x2 – X2 Core

X2 Core, all in all not a bad workout, obviously it is a core based workout, but it also targets the legs. You feel it from you quads to you calves. Some of the moves are little awkward for me, such as Dreya rolls (my lower back hurts a great deal when i try them).I did do two but they were sloppy as hell so i didn’t record them. There are many moves you could do weighted but you don’t use any weights. My guess would be if you are stronger than most using a weighted vest would make X2 Core a monster.

Couple of things to point out

  • I did the workout using my trigger point foam roller instead of a rumble roller
  • I did 15 minutes of rolling instead of just the 5 that you are given
  • I chose to start out using the floor over the stability ball.
  • I used Sweet Sweat to help with my fatigue

Other than the extra rolling I completed it in just over an hour. P90x2 day one did not destroy me the way P90x day one has over and over again but i have the feeling it will be a program that sneaks up on you, and when you least expect it BLAMO! you can’t walk or lift your arms for two days. The hollsem screamer lunges are a fun move and the one most super heroic. I can’t say any of X2 Core was very difficult , it was all either fun or just a bit akward. I would definately say this is going to be a very interesting 90 days in my quest to get superhero ripped. Hopefully you are along for the ride with me. If not feel free to join me on the journey #GetSuperHeroRipped


My P90X2 Day1 – X2 Core: Results

Day1 X2 Core

Day1 X2 Core

Day1 X2 Core



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