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P90x2 Day 34 Base and Back

Superbowl Sunday was Day 34 P90x2
Base and Back

Superbowl Sunday! My San Francisco 49ers finally made it back to the big show and i have leg day what could be better? maybe a win ?!? I swear only our cheerleaders showed up for the first half…

 Big Congrats by the way to Ray Lewis – He motivates so many of us to be greater athletes and people. His introduction to madden gets me fired up! I can only imagine what his words did to those players in the locker room before the game. I ended up doing my workout and watching the game on my computer which was interesting.It gave me something to do during the blackout and somewhere to put the frustrations. Could turn it into a tradition maybe next year ill do Asylum: Game Day instead of Base and Back. Although that would be less of a workout and more of a training day 🙂

 superbowl workout


I didn’t feel i did that great with this workout. I did double my unassisted numbers however it just felt like i could have done more if i pushed harder.  Don’t get me wrong i was vaporized when i finished but it just seems like i should see a 3 digit number in the unassisted category. I will definitely be doing strength phase for six weeks total.  I want to see these numbers triple what i did this week. I also want to see if i can do it with out taking all the breaks. we will see what i can do next week.

In the mean time if you haven’t yet make me your coach and join the journey

Base and Back


Total Un-Assisted Pull-Ups 38 56
Total Assisted Pull-Ups 34 36
Total Band Pull-Ups    


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