P90x2 Day 32 – Shoulders and Arms

Today was Day 32 of P90x2– Shoulders and Arms

If Chris Hemsworth or Thor were to do any of the p90x2 workouts i really think this would be the one. I tried to focus on surpassing my previous total load.  I managed to do it but mutha $%#^@  it was not even close to easy.  The injury I suffered a while back is starting to become a problem.  Forearm pain was a 7 out of 10. That said I am going to need some heavier weights soon. Many of the moves are going well pass the 8- 12  reps suggested. You can increase size by just slowing down the reps to 5 or 6 counts. My overall Strength is the main concern when it comes to my arms. 

Good chance of doubling my shoulder strength before this is all over.  although I am noticing stiffness from the constant back and shoulder use.

I really want to get my bicep load to something like 5000.  Think i would have to use 50’s all the way through for that. I think it is going to take a little longer than 90 days to do it tho lol

I think this is the muscle that i most enjoy working. I can feel and see my arms get larger after every workout.  The only tip i have is be careful. It may feel like its as strong as your biceps, however the endurance isn’t any where near the same

Total Biceps Load ( Reps x Weight ) 2,260 2,510
Total Shoulders Load ( Reps x Weight ) 1,577 1,796
Total Triceps Load ( Reps x Weight ) 1,250 1,665

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