P90x2 Day 29 – Chest Back and Balance

Day 29 of P90x2 Chest Back and Balance

This time i cam prepare  Improved Push ups by 30%, and almost doubled my unassisted pull ups.  I was once again under assault by the family while i worked out but it was ok, no need to be centered and focused. This is one of those workouts where you take your aggression from the day and put it int o your workout. No matter what people do or say you can just crank out more energy. If i keep this pace won’t be a problem to match tony horton by the end of strength phase. the level of strength increase from last week is nothing short of heroic. It could be the Shakeology , the protein powder or just simply the hard work and consistency.  Either way i am a fan of Chest Back and Balance!

Now i did a no no. I didn’t really get day one pictures. (ALWAYS TAKE GOOD BEFORE PICTURES!!!!)  i got most of the stats but i took a quick picture December 27th.  I haven’t looked at it so hopefully the quality is good enough i can do a 30 day comparison.  We will see tomorrow. In the mean time  feel free to comment below and let me know how things are going.  Also if you haven’t yet feel free to make me your coach and  join in on the quest to  #GetSuperHeroRipped.

Total Un-Assisted Pull-Ups   33   56
Total Assisted Pull-Ups   53   56
Total Push-Ups   108   136



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