P90x2 Day 25 Shoulders and Arms

Today was Day 25 P90x2 Shoulders and Arms

If you have done P90x you know shoulders and arms day is about the glamour muscles and you will move a good amount of iron. That is were the similarity ends for this one. In p90x and tony punished you to his standards and it goes on and on forever. Not so much in p90x2 Shoulders and Arms, only 7 moves repeated for 3 rounds.  That said this is not an easy routine. You will be  pushed to a superhero limit if you want to be. The move of this workout is with out a shadow of a doubt. Crazy Eights, pick a weight too heavy and you will feel it very very quickly.  The most superhero like move would be the rocket launcher triceps kick backs. Don’t forget  if you haven’t yet feel free to make me your coach and  join in on the quest to  #GetSuperHeroRipped and please  comment below and let me know your total load numbers


  • If you are concerned about strength over balance skip the balance stuff and put both fee t on the ground.
  • Don’t  over do it on the Over head moves or the Y-T fly you can injure yourself quick
  • Balance stuff may seem lame but it is worth the extra effort


Total Biceps Load ( Reps x Weight ) 2,260
Total Shoulders Load ( Reps x Weight ) 1,577
Total Triceps Load ( Reps x Weight ) 1,250


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