P90x2 Day 22 Chest Back and Balance

Day 22 of P90x2 Chest Back and Balance

First step in to the world of strength phase will feel very much like the first day of p90x. It is push and pull non stop. well after you get past the usual warm up that is. Unlike 90x chest and back this doesn’t have much to do with weight and seems to fixate on functional body weight movements with a balance component added. The stability ball push ups are a bit challenging but not impossible.  That is what the impossible push up is for 😉 , You don’t do a ton of work in  Chest Back and Balance ,but what you do is targeted.

Example If you keep up with tony it may only be like 100 pull up and 100 push ups but when is the last time you did that many of either?  the key is the variety. you hit several different muscle group as you go along with tony and the kids.  I did my best , really wish i could have gotten better numbers but next time for sure. You are coming up on day 30 fast, feel free to comment below and let me know how you are doing. Also if you haven’t yet feel free to make me your coach and  join in on the quest to  #GetSuperHeroRipped.


  • Chattarocker – no tony is not sped up lol just do your best and forget the rest
  • Get a P90x pull up bar if you don’t have one, it will be used to its max in Chest Back and Balance
  • Lying on your numbers or cheating on your reps only hurts you

If you are wondering  I did

Total Un-Assisted Pull-Ups   33
Total Assisted Pull-Ups   53
Total Push-Ups   108


Day22CBB1of2Chest back and balance p90x2

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