P90x2 Day 19 x2 yoga

Day Nineteen of P90x2 – X2 Yoga

Yoga is starting to grow on me. I put it off for as long as i can ,but once i start i am in it to win it.   Couple of keys to help

  • Make a play list (music that relaxes you will make it a better experience)
  • When doing the downward dog its OK to been your knees try to keep your biceps near your head
  • Each session focus on getting better at one thing don’t rush to be a master
  • truly enjoy the journey and yes that means do the oms at the end

I did not pass out at the end this time i actually got up with a ton of energy. Though i am more flexible my muscles are getting bigger , making it harder to reach as well as i did last week. I guess that is why the yoga is here. It will be hard at first but you will have an amazing experience, when you clear your mind. Let go of the issues of your day/week/year and be in the moment of X2 yoga. There is plenty of time to worry about tomorrow. Take this hour as a gift from yourself. I did pretty good with the crane, just not ready for a handstand yet 🙂 but one day for sure.

X2 yoga, Crane pose

X2 yoga is not an advanced yoga and definitely a good introduction for first timers. To think  three weeks ago I hated yoga. now after this session I added yoga on a tropical beach to my goal list for the year! hopefully i will start crossing these x2yoga goals off my list soon.  In the mean time,  If you are on the journey please leave a comment below. If you are not on the path yet i hope you will join me on my quest to  #GetSuperHeroRipped.  

Namaste my friends!



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