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P90x2 Day 18 X2 Total Body

Day Eight-teen of
P90x2 – Total Body

OK sooooo this was one of those days were you look at the schedule  and, like  that badass frame of an epic comic , you go ohh man its now or never.

p90x2 300

 I decided this would be my last week of foundation phase and i wanted to push as hard as i could to hit the highest numbers i could. It wasn’t as high as i wanted ,but looking at the numbers in 3 weeks i have gone up 800 lbs on my press load and almost 500 pounds on my curl load. The thing that really got me was my forearm. It has been injured for some time and it really started to effect me on this workout.  Talking to the Legendary Mark Cheng, i learned that my problem was actually a kinetic chain issue starting in my back.  (long story for another day). Regardless i gave it everything i had all the way to the end.  I’ll do a final review on the foundation Phase after this week but , you can consider this a final review for  p90X2 Total Body.

It is not a difficult workout.  Crunchy Lever pull ups are the hardest most awkward move you will do and Mule Kick burpees are the move that is hardest to really master. The crazy thing is even though you are dead at the end of this one. You can feel the energy flowing through you for the rest of the day. You feel like a real superhero as if you have been lifting cars or battling villains all morning.  I look forward to coming back to this one to see how far i have come at the end of p90x2. In the mean time  my stats are below and so are the suggestions for this workout. I wish you the best with it and would love to see your numbers so leave them in a comment.  Remember if you haven’t yet  Just click above to make me your coach , you can join the quest to go from ordinary to extraordinary and  #GetSuperHeroRipped !

P90x2 – Total Body Suggestions-

  • I would recommend not pacing yourself in this one.  If you can do 20 first round do it then up the weight second round. You will notice more growth next time around.
  • Don’t be afraid to do assisted pull ups. It is better to do one regular and eleven assisted than just one regular pull up.  
  • If you can pay attention to total load and less on total reps.  8 reps at 25 lbs is nearly twice the  work of 8  reps at 15 lbs
  • Do take a minute to rest if you need it. Better to rest and do work than keep going and not do much
  • last but not least – HAVE FUN yes it is a workout but if you have fun with it this one can be a blast


P90x2 Total Body


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