P90x2 Day 16 les mills Body Combat?

P90x2 Day 16 les mills Body Combat ūüėÄ

Slight Deviation!

Les mills body combat

No plyocide for me today. I had a Les mills body combat class instead.  Definitely a calorie burn.  (1089 to be exact)

Though it¬†wasn’t¬†as leg centric as a plyocide session,¬†it was a total body workout. I can definately feel it ¬†in my core and upper body. The music was great and the instructors really know how to keep you engaged. It wasn’t an easy workout by any means, was but i did enjoyed it more than usual cardio. ¬†It seemed to be a blend of Karate, muay thai, caporeia, and boxing.¬†¬†I know beachbody has a home program similar called Les Mills Combat ¬†so maybe i’ll check that one out after i finish p90x2. ¬†In the mean time ¬†there is a video below of ¬†les mills combat and if you are ready to come on the ¬†journey to #GetSuperheroRipped don’t forget to make me your coach!¬†

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