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P90x2 Day 15 – X2 Core

Today was day Fifthteen of P90x2 – X2 Core

There I was, armed and read to do battle .  Bottle of water in hand, fingers on my Trigger point roller, when i realized.

I am still sore as shit from sunday.

I gave it 110%  but today was not nearly as epic as i had planned it to be. I managed to meet or beat my previous numbers but it just felt like i could do so much more and wasn’t able to.  My injury is tarting to cause issues with some of the moves. If it continues i will have to tape it up for the next 85 or so days.  In the mean time lets get into the workout shall we 😉

This was my 3rd attempt at X2 Core. Though i can not keep up with tony on everything I am much much closer than on previous attempts.  This is the first disc in the foundation phase and im starting to understand why it is here.  Most of the other workouts use core in some form or another not just abs. SO you need a strong back and core if you are going to finish the full 90 days of this program.  I imagine some heroes (like spider-man, captain america, wolverine) would do fantastic with this routine. Once again though it was a good workout just starting to feel worn out from the low calorie diet i have been on and not quite recovering. I am not sure if i will do another week of foundation as planned , take a recovery week or just go into strength phase.  One things is for sure my caloric intake is going up probably closer to  1600-1800 instead of the 1200-1400 i have been doing.  Also my macronutrient  ratio will change from 50/30/20 to  40/40 /20. If you have questions on diet comment below and i’ll try to help you out. In the mean time don’t forget to make me your coach and  join in on the quest to  #GetSuperHeroRipped.

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