P90x2 day 11 – Total Body

Today was day eleven of P90x2 – Total Body

sooo…. once again HOLY #%@! alright i knew what to expect, however my desire to beat my numbers from last week added 20 mins to the overall time and left me depleted and shaking. I gave it everything i had all the way through but this time i had my 3 year old watching. I would finish a set and he would promptly ask “is that all you got dad? ” little … 🙂  proof training with a partner will get better results. i increased my load by around 500 lbs for the workout. Closer to my goal but not quite there yet. only one exercise did i not improve on which was the rocket launcher preacher curls. i got 1 less first round. second round i rested a bit after hitting 7 then nailed 4 more.

  • Notes –
  • Make sure you have the correct weights for these. you may think you are superman swimmer curls / press in a chair will humble you
  • pull ups – you will not get better doing just one sloppy one. Buy a pull-up assist or use a chair
  • Mule kick burpees – do your best and forget the rest. not everyone can lower themselves like tony at first

Speaking of mule kick burpees, that move pinches a nerve in my back and i can feel my legs going numb so if you experience the same thing take it easy. Depending on what i do in this workout next week i may have to adjust my goals but for now 3000 lbs on press and 2500 lbs on curl are still the target. May have to get heavier weights or plan on a ton of reps.  Well i hope you crushed day 11 and didn’t get crushed like i did.  Leave a comment below and tell me how its going. If you haven’t yet please  feel free to join me on the journey #GetSuperHeroRipped

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