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My Transformation Story So Far

I very rarely tell my entire story but today is one of those days. I was never the thin kid. I have spent most of my life on heavy side. I always gave off the happy vibe so you would never have known , i hated how i looked. I wore baggy cloths and slumped to hide what couldn’t be hidden. I peaked out around 300 lbs before that would change.One day i took a hard look at myself and my life . I looked in a mirror was ashamed of the man looking back at me. In high school i had so many dreams and ambitions but i had allowed myself to fall to the darkside. My health was deteriorating and i was going no where in a deadend job. I crash dieted by way down to 285 before i would take any pictures.

p90x2 before picture

Then i ordered the power90 dvd’s and let them sit on my shelf for another 6 month. I had been enrolled in classes at kent state , one of which was AFROTC. I had always wanted to serve and here was my chance to be captain america. At first i was allowed to train with them but i would not be allowed to “disgrace the uniform”with my appearance as a fat cadet. My first PT session was everything you would expect running , push ups, situps, flutter kicks ect. I thought i was going to die on that track, but the other cadets cheered me on and helped carry me that day. I am not sure if they know or not but their belief in me is what ignited the fire i need for what was to come. About 2 months in I was called to a meeting with the Colonel.

AFROTC fat cadet

She informed me that i had been deemed a liability and could not train with my unit. Also that I needed to achieve military standards by end of the semester or would not allowed to return. It was heartbreaking. I had struggled and fought my way down to around 260 at this point in my transformation. Hitting 190’s seemed like a pipe dream. After scouring the net for a magic pill and finding nothing i almost quit.  The it was something a captain told me that made me press forward “Get out there and Leave it all on the track”

I had Power90 on my shelf collecting dust. I decided to break it out and go hard for the time i had left. It wasn’t easy. I would wake the house up with the noise every morning. They wanted me to stop so they could sleep but i kept going. I would show up at the gym the cadets were training at and run on my own. I dedicated my self to achieving something i didn’t truly believe was possible, why? Cause others believed in me. Everyone from the cadets and NCOs to the officers and my beachbody coach told me i was inspiring.

p90x2 results, superhero , ripped

I managed to not only hit the goal they needed me to but i kept going. What had once been unachievable was now just a memory. I grinded my way down to the 160’s with power90 and p90x , The official weight loss was only 125lbs but the unofficial number is 140lbs.  I am no longer ashamed of the man in the mirror. Needless to say my life has never been the same. I had the chance to train with some of Americas finest and beachbody awarded me $10,000 for my transformation.


Hard to think about it but had I not begun that journey who knows if i would even be here today. That was when i decided I wanted to help the ordinary become extraordinary. I wanted to save and change as many lives as possible. I just wanted to be a SuperHero. I became a Beachbody coach and founded Team SuperHero as a way of doing just that.  Now im on quest to get #superheroripped and I want to take everyone with me.

We all struggle with finding who we are and where we belong in life. I am here and so is my team to help you find your way. If you haven’t yet feel free to  join in on the quest to  get #SuperHeroRipped. I promise we will do our best to make it a life changing experience


  1. You are an inspiration Romall! Keep doing what you’re doing, you are helping a lot in transforming lives!

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