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My Personal Legend

.One day, while I looked in the mirror, a realization hit me like a crashing wave.I was ashamed of the man looking back at me

My life was not where it should be. I had strayed from the path of success and fallen to the dark side.

I decided to take the steps necessary to correct my life and write my personal legend . I enrolled at Kent State University. I wanted to be an International Relations Major or a Japaneses teacher. However while looking through the brochure of classes I noticed the Air Force Reserve officer training  was one of them.  I had always wanted to serve my country and here was the chance to be Captain America. I signed up for the classes, got a hair cut and prepared to join uncle sam…

When i arrived for indoctrination they informed me that not only would they not allow me to disgrace the uniform as an over weight cadet but if i truly wanted to join i would have to lose 54lbs or 11% body fat in 90 days by my self as i was a liability to them. I had Bought Power90 a few month back but never really bothered to do it. After scouring the internet for a magic pill only to find it doesn’t exist. I came back to Power90 and Tony Horton.I committed 100% ,embracing a whole new lifestyle.It was enough for me to not only get my uniform but crush the Air force physical fitness test and take my shot at serving my country.

Warrior Sprit Award

Since begining my transformation i have lost over 115lbs. Saved the lives of my brother Darrick Smith (down 185lbs), my best friend Chris Catalano (down 65lbs), and my fiancée Angela Horton (down 85lbs). Needless to say I am very proud of what we have accomplished. I use to spend all day playing world of warcraft and watching Anime with my brother. These days we spend much of our time working out and playing out doors.

I am no longer ashamed of the man in the mirror, my free time is spent encouraging others to take charge of their lives,to make a change from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ready for a change? Let me be your Coach

285 Lbs

169 lbs



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  1. I’m pretty much convinced video games and the like have their place but can truly keep our generation from our potential when we put “overtime” in with them. Love that you put those things in their place and became a new man with focus and drive. Inspirational stuff, Romall. And a late congrats on your MDB win!

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