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Military Heroes

We read  the comic book adventure of Captain America, Batman and Superman all the time. We cheer the entertaining actions of our favorite sports stars and movie stars. we even support our policemen and fire fighters.

we rarely take a few moments to pay homage to our military heroes. Real Men and Women who go out everyday and do a job not everyone is cut out to do. These heroes aren’t bullet proof or superhuman. They are just humans willing to sacrifice their bodies, their families , and in some cases their own lives. They don’t do it for fame. They don’t do it for glory. Hell some of them don’t even do it for the paycheck. True Heroes in every meaning of the word. They do what they do so we can maintain our way of life. So we can remain free… the next time you see a solider or a veteran thank them for the sacrifices they have made, thank them for being Heroes.

Thank american soldiers


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