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Life has No limits

If right now a voice told you that your destiny was written in the stars long ago would you listen?

If you knew no matter what you did today you would not fail tomorrow , what would you do?

We have not only imposed limits on ourselves but we have allowed others , from our parents and friends to co-workers and strangers, to do so as well. We mange to find ways to add to our own limitations.

Some do it with religion, some with physical ailments and others with mental struggles  but none the less we stifle our own potential because somewhere along the line  we stopped dreaming and started to believe in the phrases:

I can’t do that
I could never achieve that.
I won’t ever be able to do that.
Its impossible for someone like me to do that.

The ultimate truth that man has struggled to find for centuries is this:
There are no limits in this life or the next, but those that you allow to be set for you.

STOP letting people impose their limits on who and what you can become.
Your life is what you make of it, your future is what you make of it. In the end we paint our own pictures and write our own stories, don’t let yours be a tragedy.

Look i’m just a guy from the midwest with a pretty extraordinary life. No Maserati , No Russian twins, no house in the Hampton, and no private jet gassed up and ready to go. Just an amazing son , my high school sweet heart, and good friends with a career where i help save lives. If you don’t believe me about limits ask the man in the video below, i’m sure he knows about about them.





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