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Life is a Contact Sport

I use to think it was funny when people would tell me you can learn a lot from the sports you watch. They would always use football as an example. Someone once said “you can learn more about life on the field of battle then you ever will off of it”. Football,Soccer,Rugby they are all just sports. They aren’t the jungles of Vietnam or mountains of  Afghanistan. No one is shooting bullets at you ,but none the less you are in a battle. Every man on the field is either fighting for your cause or against it.

In more ways than you know, that is a fact of life.  No matter what you do, who you are or where your from. The people around you are either on your team, fighting for your cause or they are against you. To that end life is not a game of bumper bowling. It is rough and unforgiving. It is a true contact sport, a game we can’t afford to lose.

The goal of our team to pick you up after every play, to fight  for every inch with you and help you to realize your dreams. When you are ready to start winning the game of life, you will know what steps to take.

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