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Leadership: simple rules to success

One of the many truths we will encounter through out our lives is this:
no one will do it better than you ,but you can’t do it alone.

We have all been there. you have a project and a team of people working with you. In your head you have the master plan. You can see the finished product as though you could actually touch it. Yet no one else seems to grasp what you do. No one else is seeing your vision. Frustrated with their lack of imagination, you slowly take on more and more till you are suddenly in over your head. The entire project resting on you.  Chances are that project will never get completed on time. Certainly not without causing you more heartache and stress than it was worth. It is a hard lesson we all learn eventually… or die trying.

Ironman holding war machine

To Lead you must first learn to Follow these simple rules to success:

You can’t Manage people only situations.
Trust your team to get the job done.
Believe in them so that they can believe in themselves.
Show them your vision and be open to seeing theirs.
 Work with them, and you will accomplish more than you ever dreamed! 

Ironman Team

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