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How easy is it really?

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Helping others and making and income doing it, can be  as simple as recommending
a new game or movie to friends. Trust me I am sure you have all heard how extraordinary
transformers looks in 3D.  I am willing to bet if you haven’t seen it yet you are planning to,
just because someone you know decided to share how amazing it was. Don’t worry, I will be
joining all of you Saturday when I spend my hard earned cash on two movie tickets.

KanJam Review
Speaking of sharing, over the weekend i had the chance to play KanJam with a few of my friends.
Its a really simple game played with a Frisbee and two large cans. Usually its hours of drunken
cornhole. This time our friend joey from new york brought KanJam. Needless to say we had blast.
It is a very easy but addictive game. We played from noon till it was almost too dark to see the cans.
You can slot the frisbee in the kan for an instant win. You can hit the can for 2 points. Your partner
can deflect the frisbee and hit the can for 1 point or slam it through the top for three points.Definitely
a game I look forward to playing more in the future.  A simple idea that will make some guy millions.

Whats funny about it is, I have spent all week helping him to make that money. Since Tuesday morning
I have sold six KanJam sets for the man. Am I a rep for KanJam? nope Do i work for a Dicks sporting goods?
nope, I just shared my experience with a few people and wallah.

In a way its not much different than what I do as a Coach with Beachbody. Its like this: I use P90x,
Asylum and shakeology. That makes it easy for me to recommend P90x, Asylum ,and Shakeology to
people. Only difference is when they buy one of those items it helps to make me money not some
random guy in New York. Not a bad deal eh?

See we are in the business of sharing and recommending not selling. Every time I tell someone
I lost 115 lbs with P90x and Shakeology they know it works, but when i tell them it literally
saved my brother’s life, they know i truly believe in the products.  The great thing is this isn’t a fun
game or a good movie. When they buy the program and let me coach them through the process
I know that is not only another life effected but the lives of an entire family. That said KanJam is an
awesome game pick it up for your next cook out and you will not be disappointed .

Wanna know more about becoming a coach or my KanJam experience feel free to email me at

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  1. That’s the way to spend a weekend. Playing a simple game that lets you take your mind off of it all. Now you and Josh have me thinking about this Kan Jam. I may have to give it a try now.

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