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Job Battlefield: Is it Time for a Change?

I can say being a beachbody coach is not only one of the best decisions i made but one that has changed my life in more ways than just a paycheck.  I have made friends I would not  have other wise met. I have helped to save countless lives (including my own brother’s) in the battle against obesity. Though we are in a war against obesity I enjoy what i do. I take my job serious but not so serious as to push people away.

That brings me to my question, do you actually enjoy what you do for a living or do you take it too serious? If you take your job too serious and are constantly frustrated with your co-workers or management it maybe time for a change. If you are upset that you haven’t gotten a raise or if you are irritated that no one notices the work you do, it maybe time for a change . Maybe a change of career or just a change of thinking.

Demand It

What if you treated your job like a battlefield, how many casualties would there be? I won’t tell how great of a general you could be. I won’t even get into what type of leader you are. What I will tell you thisIf your job were a battlefield you would be the first and only casualty. Your bosses and coworkers will not take it as serious as you do. They aren’t going to risk it all to finish stronger than yesterday. They won’t care to understand the mission or why you have chosen to take up arms. You will end up alienating any friends you have to accomplish a mission that doesn’t exist.

A general leads his troop in to battle for a purpose.
That can be anything from Patriotic need to industrial greed,
but the reason will be the same.
Their loyalty demands it.
Their country demands it.
Their faith demands it.
Something greater that a single man demands that they do so.

Understand that You are not working for a supreme being or an omnipotent force. Even if you work directly under the president of the united states you are working for a person. That person doesn’t want you to lay it all on the line everyday. They don’t really care how you do what you do, just that it gets done.

Don’t believe me?

Go to work tomorrow and start barking commands and hold your job on the level of your countries security and your families future. I assure you, the day will end
with you achieving no more than normal and with an overall increased irritation.
There is an undeniable truth in this life-

You can’t manage people only the situations you choose to exist in.
If your ready to change your situation email me

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