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Impossible is nothing

How often have you heard throughout your life “that is impossible,you can never do that, only the rich/strong/fast/talented/gifted/ect can do that and your not them” ? How many times have you thought of going against the norm only to change your mind just to keep the status quo? I was once told i could never lose weight, completing p90x was impossible for someone with chronic asthma.

 Impossible is nothing

Truth is Impossible is nothing, belief is everything.

There is a power within you , a power to change your life and the world around you at will. You have to unleash the power within, understand there are only two times in your life now and never. There is no tomorrow, not second chances no do overs. Look around (seriously look around the room your in) think about where you are and ask this question. “Am I were I told everyone I would be when I was 16?” Motivation is something we all desire, its something we all need, but its somethings so few posses. Those that can harness its power have earned the key to unlocking a future of unlimited possibilities. You were a dreamer once, motivated by a belief you could DO anything, BE anyone, GO anywhere.  You were a dreamer once and if you want to be motivated you have to become a dreamer again.

Look this isn’t a post about being a beachbody coach , bodybuilding or even fitness. It’s about you being motivated to chase your dream not mine, kai green’s or anyone else’s. You create your own reality , your own destiny. What is it you want to achieve in this life? what impossible task or dream do you want to be your legacy. Watch this video then go out and make a change in your life, join our team , start a project, DO something with the time you have been given.

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Remember the Impossible is nothing

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