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How to stop struggling and start living

How do you start living?

that is the question many of people ask themselves every day. The answer is easier than you think but requires you to answer a question first,What is living? To some it is the process of waking up and moving about, to others it is parting every weekend, and to others still it is a state of non-worry.  Let’s go with the idea that living is a state of non-worry where you can party every weekend 🙂 Follow these simple steps and you will be one your way, and remember whether you need a fitness coach or a life coach to help you along in your journey Email me  i would love to help you

start living: Step 1 Change your associations

Can’t stress this enough. the people you spend the most time with will define you and your future. Their positive  or negative beliefs will bleed into your life and one way or another effect how you grow.  You think bill gates spends his time with people content to work9 to 5 for the rest of their lives?  do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger spent his lifting days with people that wanted to eat fast food and watch TV? DO you think will smith made it to where he is playing basketball at the park instead of auditioning/practicing? Change your associations and watch the effect it has on your life over night.

start living: Step 2 Rise Up for the bottom

How do you make it from the bottom to the top. How do start living and go from struggling fast food employee to jet setting millionaire? The truth?  Hard work and dedication. That’s it there is no simple get rich quick and live it up scheme that will actually work. Doesn’t matter if you are a Beachbody Coach, If you sell advocare or if you push Body By Vi. If you want to be successful at anything in this life or the next you have to be willing to push your self beyond exhaustion to achieve your goals.

start living: Step 3 Ignore the Naysayers

start living

One of the sad truths of life is , the people that sit and watch you struggle are the first ones to have their hands out when you finally make it .  In some way or another they feel you owe them because of much father in life you got. Remember YOU are the one that worked day in and day out not them

start living today, start living now enjoy this video from will smith 

start living life

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