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How bad do you want your dream?

Behold the superman. Man is something to be overcome.”

What is your dream?

How bad do you want it?

that’s a serious question.

How bad do you want your dream?

We spend most of our lives telling our friends and familiy how great we will be  and do so little to get there. We talk about building an empire,ruling the world, becoming legendary… Somewhere along the way we stop trying , we give up on our dream and turn away from success.

“Success is seeing something significant within yourself and striving constantly to prove yourself right.”

It doesn’t matter where you are today.  Only thing that matters is what you are doing to be where you want to be tomorrow. You can’t let the bullshit of life hold you down and beat you oblivion

I have met countless people over the years that have told me they are going to change their lives this year. That this year will be the one. They start strong but let the little things build up and keep them from reaching the apex of their destiny. The video below is about a man who refused to let circumstance stop him from achieving greatness. Watch the video then ask yourself these questions ,

“Am I ready for a Challenge”

“Will anything keep me from greatness?”

“Am i just a Man or am I a Superman”

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