Fitness Failure: 5 steps to Redemption

It doesn’t matter who you are at some point in your life you have failed at something. A test, a job, a relationship, a diet the list goes on and on. The key is to learn from your failures, and to grow from the. Fitness is no different. There are times where you give up on the diet or skip workouts. It really does happen to the best of us. Let me give you an example.

I was in the best shape of my life, then I let a host of excuses cause me to skip workouts and wreck my diet.
168lbs and 14% bodyfat to 180lbs and 22% bodyfat in just 60 days. That is a net gain of 20lbs in FAT, pure unhealthy fat. In the battle of the bulge we all fall sometime, but you have to get up off the floor and find the path.

I have been there so to make it easy, Here are the 5 steps to finding that path to redemption

  1. Don’t Focus on why you fail focus on how you fail
    Truth is the why does’t matter, it will be just another excuse. (No time, too tied, kids had practice, ect)
    The how matters because it will help you to know what NOT to do (over eating, skipping workouts, ect)
  2. Set your goals
    You will see it a thousand times on sites like this SET GOALS. If its 10lb,20 bs, 100 lbs, set a goal.
    After you have that goal, set a bunch of small goals to reach along the way
  3. Do make a solid plan
    Once you have your goals and mini goals you need to devise a plan to reach those goals.
    Plan A- Go over your goals with me or your coach so we can help you design a plan that works
    Plan B- Pick a program that fits your needs and just follow the instructions
  4. Find an accountability partner
    Plan A- Reach out to Me or Your coach and we can connect you with someone in the team on the same journey
    Plan B- Ask a friend ,co-worker or team mate to be your partner
  5. Get Started RIGHT NOW!
    Not Tomorrow so you can have one more day of fattening
    Not Monday so your week is all set up like you like it
    Do it now Set your goals, plan out the trip, get a partner and lets get going

I should be 160lbs and 7% body fat but I too had to suck it up and start over but you know what?
90days from today I will be in better shape that i was before on on my way to where i want to be.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and I am here to take that step with you .

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