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How Does Sex Affect Fitness

A question often asked is how does sex affect fitness and/or workouts. You would be very surprised to know that it actually helps to reduce fat and increase muscle gain. HOW IN THE WORLD?! alright let me explain STOP keep reading don’t go chasing your significant other around just yet.

How Does Sex Affect Fitness?: It can Increase Testosterone

(1)Testosterone a key hormone in the development of young men and women. It can reduce fat, increase muscle and increase energy levels. Typically an adult male produces about ten times more testosterone than an adult female , but females are more sensitive to the hormone than males. Low levels of test are responsible for many ailments in american society including  an increase in belly fat and (1)Metabolic Syndrome, which is the name for a group of risk factors that occur together and increase the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes,  and heart attack. Humans are driven by a desire to procreate. A (3)study conducted on 10 men and women showed simply watching a short pornographic video can cause an increase  of your testosterone by 80 to 100%. Understand Doubling your testosterone is like gold to a bodybuilder, you can’t even get results like that taking most legal test boosters. Having sex regularly will not only burn additional calories, keep your relationship fresh,  increase your testosterone naturally but also release feel good endorphins (that help reduce stress) and killer cells (increased immune function). Having sex with in 30 mins post workout could aid in the recovery process where doing it pre-workout could reduce your effectiveness. I can’t help you with the extra activities( if you have questions about those  ask mom and dad) but If you need help with the workouts email me at Bonus Info: Abstaining from sex for a 7 day period is a great way to have that extra boost before an event or contest as your body will ramp up test production for 6 days culminating in a massive spike of 50% on the 7th day. That spike will dissipate on the 8th day so use it while you got it.

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