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Fitness Failure: Completing Your Journey

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Fitness Failure: Completing Your Journey

I think we have all started a workout program or diet at sometime in the past. We all pretty much start out the same. Excited on Friday, prepared on Sunday and motivated on Monday yet come Thursday we may have given up completely.

The reason for that is different for everyone but often it comes from perceived lack of results. If you needed to lose 30 lbs and could see a 1 lb loss everyday you would make it a full 30 days. on the flip-side if you would lose 30 lbs at the end of 30 days, you may never make it that far. I mean you don’t have to wait 30 days to see or feel results. The reality is if you are watching your nutrition and nailing your workouts, you will get the results in real time.

YOU just have to push pass what feels like fitness failure and stay the course. How do you do that? One of the best ways is to track your transformation. The more methods you use to track your progress the less likely you are to give up, if one of them isn’t moving quick enough.

Fitness Failure

The top five ways of tracking your progress

  1. Weight : Hop on the scale as often as once a week or as little as once a month. Seeing that number drop is why many start the journey but it is never why they finish it. (Stay away from daily weigh ins cause you can fluctuate up or down 2 pounds at any one time)
  2. Measurements: Grab a tape measure and take down all the key measurements. This will make it easier for you know when you are getting smaller.
  3. Body Fat: You can use a digital scale, Calipers or have it professionally done in a bodpod. Make sure to track your body fat every 30 days. This number will become the number that means the most toward the end of your quest to get SuperHeroRipped.
  4. Pictures: This one is unbelievably KEY to success. Take several before pictures. Then every 7 days take a new front ,back and side picture. Whenever you start to waiver a little compare your most current pictures to your first set. Feeling and seeing your body change will keep you driven.
  5. How you feel: Keep a journal about how you feel each day. You would be surprised, but both mental and physical change will take place during your transformation. You will find you no long crave or even like food you once had to have. You may have more vivid dreams or even develop new desires for your future.  So keep a daily journal of your feelings, thoughts and dreams.

BONUS INFO: an extra way to insure your success is to find a partner or join a challenge group. Having others to hold you accountable or depend on you to hold them accountable, is a great way to stick with your program.

Need an accountablity partner or looking to join a challenge group? Email me , I would love to help you on your journey to get SuperHeroRipped

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