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Choose not to fall

all you have control of is now –  Daniel Ilabaca

Humans and Super humans a like share a fear…
The fear of falling.

It may be the fear of falling from a ledge or the fear of falling from grace but the fear is the same. We spend our lives struggling and striving to get to the top of what ever it is that we want to be on top of,  only to find out It s harder to stay on top than it is to get there.  We are constantly reminded that there can be only one at the top. The question is does it matter? should you be so focused on your position in life that you miss the big picture.

Jerry rice is the best wide receiver to ever play the game of football ,yet over the years you will see his records shattered by up an coming players. Does that make his accomplishments worth less than they are now? The answer is no it doesn’t. The things he achieved in his life time are his. the records he set and the legacy he left behind will always be his. Was he afraid of falling from the top? no ,he never cared to be the best player in the world just to be the best player in his world.

This video titled Choose not to fall shot by Matthew Marsh, explains it better than i ever could. One of the worlds premier Traceur and Parkourist Daniel Ilabaca explains the meaning of parkour, and in doing so perhaps even touches on the  meaning of life.

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