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Can Exercise Cause Orgasms?

Can exercise cause orgasms Aka a coregasm?

A study done at Indiana University, set out to prove not only the existence of an of exercise-induced orgasm (EIO) and the related exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP) but also to find out how it happens. You would be quite surprised. Several types of physical exercise were found to be associated with EIO and EISP.


Types of workout for Coregasm
abdominal (51.4 percent)
weight lifting (26.5 percent),
yoga (20 percent),
bicycling (15.8),
running (13.2 percent),
walking/hiking (9.6 percent).

According to the study doing ab work, such as hanging leg raises, was listed as the most common for an EIO or ESP. The goal in a hanging leg raise is to lift the knees toward the chest or to a 90-degree angle of the body. This can be done at a gym with a captains chair or at home with your p90x pull-up bar

Why does it happen more often with core workouts?
“We don’t know, but I suspect it’s more about the core muscular activity rather than only the repetitive motion (after all, reps are common for many exercises),” she says. “That said, it does appear that reps are part of it. Women typically report exercise induced orgasms as occurring after a certain number of reps or time spent exercising.” – Dr. Herbenick

what about using core and weights like in p90x2 and Revabs?
If those precentages mean anything. Using weights/body weight and an hour long core routine like ,X2Core or Fire up your abs, would have an increased chance of causing a coregasm. Actually considering that all of the p90x2 and revabs workouts are core-centric I would bet those are the two programs most likely to take you to new heights.

What should you do if you start to experience one at the gym?
“No one can necessarily tell when you’re feeling pleasure or an orgasm,Women and men alike already make so many faces and sounds while exercising, simply because of the physical exertion or concentration involved in exercising, that it’s unlikely a person can tell one from the other.”- Dr. Herbenick

Coregasm or faking it?

(2) Dr. Herbenick’s blog

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