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Beer Pong, Tequila Shots and P90x

What does Beer Pong,Tequila Shots and P90x have in common?
They are favorite past times of college kids across america.
The question is how do the first two effect the last one?

Its not just the carbs you have to worry about . Alcohol has been shown to inhibit the growth of muscle. It can significantly decreases your testosterone and increases your estrogen. Hence the Man boobs and beer belly many alcoholics have. However the actual impact depends on how much you drink.  A study done in the Netherlands  showed a 6.8% reduction in testosterone for the men and none for women (1).

That study was done with three beers a day for three weeks. 6.8% won’t stop your growth in its tracks, but will slow your overall growth. Chances are your not drinking three beers a night. You are more likely to have a weekend of Beer Pong,Tequila Shots and P90x, which is alright.  Just make sure to have your drink as a post workout, it cuts the damage done to your system to almost nothing. However if you decide to lose six rounds of beer pong,  or do tequila shots all night long chances are your not going to like the hang over or the effect it has on your  growth.

Beer Pong,Tequila Shots and P90x

1 “drink” = 1.5 ounces of 80 proof liquor = 5 ounces of wine = 12 ounces of beer

Ten drinks will significantly lower your testosterone by upwards of 23%  for 12-16 hours. That much of a reduction is the same as going from a 21 year old buck to a 52 year old geezer over night(2). If Beer Pong,Tequila Shots and P90x are in your future stick to the tequila. The hops in beer can have an estrogenic effect on the body. Too much estrogen is the cause of breast cancer in women (3) and gynecomastia in men (4). Those ten drinks could also slow your protein synthesis, which would result in more catabalism of your hard earned muscle. The absolute Last thing  you want  for too much drinking is cancer, “bitch tits”, or a loss in mass .

Top 3 suggestions if you do have a weekend of Beer Pong,Tequila Shots and P90x

1) Have a casein protein shake before bed to reduce the amount of muscle you lose.
2) Have a Shakeology when you wake up, the sugars should reduce your hang over.
3) Hydrate as soon as you can for obvious reasons 🙂


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