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Battle Scars: Living with Stretchmarks

I wear my scars proudly, they are part of who I am and show me who i never want to be again. -Romall Smith

I have lost over a 100lbs using Beachbody workouts and shakeology.
I am always asked how did you do it ,whats your seacret, was it easy?

Funny enough though, the most common question people ask me is.
Do you have lose skin or stretch marks?
I happily show them my Battle Scars. Thats when they respond with
oh man I could never deal with that or I would have to get surgery
and its always followed by what are you going to do about it?

To me that’s not a question worth answering so i never do.
Have we become such a vain society that stretchmarks are more
bothersome than being grossly overweight ?

look i have stretch marks, anyone that has ever been obese will have
stretch marks and depending on how deep they are not much outside
of surgery will correct them.

That being said , I look at them as Battle Scar earned in a fight for my life.
If it had let vanity and some delusion that i was better off round with
stretched skin than stretch marks  keep me from pursing health and fitness,
chances are i would not be here to tell you my story.

Don’t let silly things like loose skin or stretch marks stop you from becoming
who you were meant to be. None of us were born to be obese. Your stretch
marks are proof that you were meant to be smaller than you are today.

I challenge you to make a change today. Join me on the field of battle in the fight against obesity.
I don’t care if you work with my team,  go to zumba, hit the gym, join weight watchers,
or start body by vi , As long as you start doing something.  Your life means so much more
than just what you see in the mirror, but scars or no scars you will like the new you more than the old you


  1. Dig that analogy of “Battle Scars”. Why should you or anyone else be ashamed of the “badge of honor” proving you smacked Fat right in the mouth and came out the winner? Anyone taking the journey you did should be proud– they’re part of the elite. Not many people can say they’ve done what you’ve done, brother.

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