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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Six Rules of Life

The Six Rules of Life

These are simple but effective rules you will find all successful people follow. The video below is where you can hear the rules of life from the Iron Oak himself. Arnold has had an amazing life few can begin to measure up too. If these rules of life were good enough to take him from immigrant to Mr. Olympia to the terminator and finally the governor of California then they should be good enough for each of us.

I thought about those rules for a little while. In many ways those are the rules i followed during my P90X transformation and they are the same thing that lead me to being a coach.

Arnold's Rules of Life

Rules of life:

Number One: Trust Yourself

I had to trust my choice to do a workout dvd over using a trainer.

Number Two: Break the Rules

I had to break the rules to make sure i got my workout in even if i was late to class or work.

 Number Three: Don’t be Afraid to Fail

I had no fear of failure as it wasn’t even an option.

Number Four: Don’t listen to the naysayers

I shut off the voices saying i couldn’t do it my genetics wouldn’t allow it.

Number Five: Work your butt off.

I worked my butt off every day, didn’t matter if it was with the weights or my nutrition.

 Number Six: It’s about giving back

It is all about giving back, my coach was there to help me so now I am here to help others.

Its crazy how well those rules lined up with the actions you take to be successful. I know you loved reading all about me and what I have done but the truth is, i don’t care about my story. I am far more interested in yours. So enjoy the video below and let me know how your life fits this pattern or if you need help on your journey.

Think you can follow Arnold’s Rules of Life?

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